Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some Exciting Ball

Last Saturday, The Fury played in a tournament in Statesboro.  All I can say is this 40 year old heart can’t take many more like that.  Man, that was a day full of BALL, NERVES and FUN!

When ya boy goes up to bat and it is up to him to win or lose…

That is when I hid my head and just prayed!

Can I say he made his Mama proud? (and Daddy and Meme and Uncle Charles and Grandma and Granddaddy!!!!!!)


Getting his trophy~Fury

What you won’t do for your boys! :)  Some of the moms told the boys we would wear black out as lipstick if they won. Yep, Meme was just as excited as the rest of us.

Cooper Deal was not happy about that mess.  He was ready for me to get it off!Fury2


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Brandi said...

HAHA!! Love the black lipstick!!!!!