Saturday, May 26, 2012

Honor’s Day 2012



IMG_2956 On Our Way!

IMG_2958 Parker and Ms. Driggers~ I just can’t say enough about how blessed we have been this year!  Last summer, Parker started telling me he wanted to be in Ms. Driggers class.  For whatever reason, she had made an impact on him already.  Turns out, she was EXACTLY what he needed. 

Sports was a connection for them.  She came to one of his baseball games, and he will never forget that.  Above all, she was fair, and he was challenged! He LOVED her, and I did too!

IMG_2960 Mrs. April and Coop~  He loved Mrs. Apul!  Cooper was the child who was still crying for me after a week off for spring break! YIKES!  Thank goodness for Mrs. April and Mrs. Amy! It was an awesome first year for Cooper. It is always comforting knowing that a teacher truly LOVES your child.  I know these 2 did just that!

IMG_2959 Mrs. Amy and Cooper~ You can just look at her and see SwEeT!

IMG_2964 My GOOD boy!

IMG_2966 He is surrounded by girls in his grade!  There are some cutie patooties too!  I have my eye on 1 or 2 for him, and I KNOW he will agree with me. :)

IMG_2967 Silly Monkey!

IMG_2974 Parker loved telling me how good he was in computers!  Sure enough, he got the award!  Mama says that is because she taught him at an early age!

IMG_2979 I totally agree Cooper, this was a LONG program!

IMG_2983 Honor Roll for the year!  YAY!



Last but not least, Parker received the Citizenship Award in his class!  That boy knows how to make his Mama and Daddy PROUD!  The Lord opened my eyes at the end of K4, and I stopped worrying about this boy! He is everything we could want and more while he is at school!


Honestly, I have never worried about this one.  (maybe I should) He is a lot different from big brother, but he is a lot like him too. He is super funny, super smart and SUPER sweet!


Yes, I am ONE PROUD MAMA!  Blessed beyond measure with 2 BoYs!

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