Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AR Reward Day

Not only can you find a baseball and glove in Parker’s hand, but you can find a book as well.  That boy LOVES to read.

It makes me so happy when I think of the teachers who have influenced him and nourished this love. I just can’t thank Mrs. Haddon and Ms. Driggers enough.  I prayed so hard the past 2 years that he would get the right teacher for him, and without a doubt, he did. Makes me wanna tear up thinking about it.

This year, Parker took off with AR and never stopped.  His goal was to be in the top 10 in 2nd grade, and he ended up being #4.  Yep, I was pretty proud of my boy!  Man, I wish I could take credit for his brains… The only thing I did with this boy is MARK him. Bless his heart!

Having a field day as a reward for meeting his AR (PR as they call it) goal, couldn’t have thrilled him more. 





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Just always remember Parker, HAVE FUN in all you do!

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