Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Onion Parade

We always look forward to the parade, but this year was extra special. Poppi was riding in it. Mr. Ned DeLoach asked him to ride in what I thought was the best in the parade~ Veterans of WWII. The 3 gentlemen were all over 90.

When I think of ALL my Poppi went through, it literally makes me tear up. I love listening to him share stories, but he doesn’t very often. I am so thankful he was able to put aside the nightmares and live a normal life. The Lord broke the mold on this man. (I have to say I had 2 of the FINEST men EVER to call grandfather.)

Don’t know of a single person who is prouder of that red, white and blue than Parker William Thompson! I never see a flag that I don't think about him.





Poppi in parade

poppi in parade 2

poppi in parade 3

3 of his biggest fans!


What a fun way to spend our Saturday morning!


Brandi said...

What a sweet post!!!!

Tracy said...

That is very sweet! Ned was flying by..I thought I was going to have to chase him down the road to get Granddaddy's picture :) You certainly can't look at your picture and tell what the weather was doing! They would have had to hold me down for my picture that day :)