Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweet Marley

In the past 16 years, (WOW) Neil and I have had Neia, Speck, Buck, and Doc. Neia will always be the most special friend we have ever had, and they all will be dear to us, but Marley is the sweetest. I have totally fallen in love with this girl.

I had a name kinda picked out, but the first thing Parker said when he saw her was, “Her name is Marley.” I thought that was perfect.

We have been without a furry friend for 6 months. It was so hard losing Neia, and then Doc was only with us for a short while. Parker has already said he hopes Marley won’t leave us. :(

Looking forward to many memories with SWEET MARLEY!







We are lucky to have you, Marley!

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Brandi said...

Adorbs!!!!!! Marley is presh!!