Saturday, May 21, 2011

2nd Grader

I do this way too often. Just yesterday I was blogging about K4.


You continue to amaze me every day. You have learned so much this year. You are reading up a storm, and it makes me so proud you love to read. No matter where we go, you have to take a book. It has to be a chapter book at that.

Your daddy and I hold high expectations for you because we know you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to do. (You may look just like your mama, but you sure do get everything else from your daddy!) All we ask is that you make all A's and that you stay out of the office. :) So far, so good. The reason we expect all A's is because you have shown that you can do just that. Above all, always do your very best.

Your teachers have all told us you are a model student, and we know you will continue to make us proud.

It has been a wonderful year! We love you, our PJD!



Seems like just yesterday we saw this sweet lady at Open House. Talking about blessed! I prayed so hard Parker would get the right teacher for him, and my prayers were answered. We have truly enjoyed having Mychelle. This is one of those years that will not be forgotten.




He is looking at his music award. When this award started, Mama looked at Neil and told him Parker would get this~ BIG JOKE! The joke was on us when he did. :) I happened to ask the music teacher what this award was about. She told me it was participation and behavior, and that the teachers had input. It all made sense then. I was quite tickled with this award and Parker was VERY tickled. He asked all day if I was proud he got that award. He didn't even ask about the fitness award he received. :) Awards or no awards, I am proud of him no matter what.




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