Sunday, May 22, 2011


I hadn’t intended on blogging on this, but with this picture (going through my pics because I about lost all 12,000 + a couple of weeks ago) came some thoughts…

It is sad knowing that the store isn’t in our family anymore, but that was surely beyond my control. Some of the best memories of my life were in that store. Neil blames my junk- a-holic self on it, and I love every minute. :)

Wish I could tell Daddy thanks for making me bust my butt (ok, so not really) in that store from 7th grade to college. Being the boss’ daughter was pretty cool. I was suppose to come in at 9, but I never made it, and I ALWAYS got to take an hour and a half lunch. I never had to worry about those Saturdays I couldn’t work because of cheering either. Getting 50 cent out of the register for a Dr. Pepper and a Little Debbie oatmeal pie for breakfast was good too.

Can’t put a price on this picture! It brings the biggest smile and crocodile tears at the same time! I think this man’s heart could have exploded with happiness at this very moment.

DSC01058 Thank you Lord for this. It was short lived but what a blessing it happened at all!


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Love the pic. He would be one proud PAPA! You and Christy have some awesome kids. It is sad that it is not in the famiy anymore. Love ya bunches. We did have some good times at the IGA! Wonderful memories!