Thursday, June 18, 2009

Terrific Thursday

Mama and I have been swapping off the kids at night time. She takes 2 and I take the other 2. Last night the 4 of them spent the night with me because Mama was taking Uncle Charles for a colonoscopy today. It is so hard making them go to bed because they have so much fun playing. Around 10:30, I got them in bed. Coop was in his bed and the other 3 in Parker's. All was fine until around 2 or so. Parker came in our room saying Jon had pushed him off the bed. Jon said Parker was putting his pillow on him, and Ally was hard and fast asleep. So, I ended up on the couch and Parker got in the bed with Neil. It took a bit for me to go to sleep, but I actually slept pretty good.

This morning, Aunt Judy and I loaded up children and headed to Statesboro. Ellen invited us to her neighborhood pool. I think that is the most fun we have had this summer. It was so nice out there. We had a picnic lunch and all of the children just had the best time. The pool had a little section that was only 2 ft., so that is where Cooper stayed. It took him awhile to get away from the porch, but he loved the pool once he got in. We had Danna's 2, Ellen's 2, Christy's 2 and my 2. All we needed was Russell's 3. Maybe next time!

Thanks Ellen for such a perfect day! We really enjoyed it. :)
Parker is cooling it. Such a handsome little guy.

Too much fun!

Katie is one of the most precious little girls you will ever meet. She is such a doll and has the cutest personality ever!

Catherine is just pretty. No other way to put it. She is the first great-grandchild. She was born the day after I got married. I can keep up with her birthday and age. Happy birthday Catherine! (a few days late)

I love this picture of Jonathan. He loves his goggles.

Ally and Madeline~ Madeline is such a sweet, sweet girl. She is pretty on the inside and out. She has her mama's personality and looks a lot like her too. Ally is a precious little girl too. She has been so much help this week. We are gonna miss both she and Jon when they leave.


mhsands said...

Whew! You have been a busy little chic! You are always invited over here!

tgriffin said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! Greg called Parker yesterday and wanted him to come swimming. He wouldn't leave a message on the answering machine. He then told me to just send you a text. Too funny! :)