Tuesday, June 16, 2009

LOVE My Boys

Here is kinda a my favorite things part 2. There will probably be part 3 and 4 and so on. :) Today it is mostly about my latest obsession. Can't get enough of it!

Sandy made this shirt for me. It is one of my favorite shirts she has done. It is so funny because people just stop to read it. I took it on our Disney trip in January and got so many compliments. I even had one lady get her info from me. I forgot to ask if she got in touch with her. Hope she did.

I got this on etsy. It was so darn cheap. One day, I will have to do a post on my etsy things. This is just a picture/note holder. I am thinking I might put it in the boy's bath or something. For now, it is on the floor in my bedroom. (been there for at least a month) I have a stack that I really need to clean up!

YES~ another bag! This is cool because it can be a purse or a backpack! Sandy knows that all she has to do is make something cute, bring it over and I am game. Seriously, she has some very cute things that are hard to resist . She is getting some back to school shirts ready now. They are gonna be so cute.

Had to put this on here too. Isn't it too cute? I got this tank from Walmart and she put this Mickey head on it. She bought it over yesterday, and I was in love. It is so nice to have talented friends. I liked it so much, I sent over a solid hot pink tank for her to do too. :) I think we will do some polka dots on that one.

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