Saturday, June 20, 2009

All Good Things Must End

Can't believe this week is over. It is always sad when Ally and Jonathan leave. MeMe really treated the grandkids yesterday. She took Ally, Jon and Parker to a movie while Cooper and I ran some errands. After the movie, we all went to the mall. They all got special treats, even me! I got some switch flops. THANKS MEME for treating me too. By the time we finished all of that fun, we were hot, tired and hungry. We went to El Sombrero, and it was about the best I have ever eaten. We all enjoyed the chips, salsa and cheese dip. I usually don't eat the salsa, but this was extra yummy. It was very mild. I think Ally and I nearly ate the whole bowl. Our waitor was a little sweet on Mama. She got her meal free. :) He was pretty cool. I hope it won't be long before we get to spend more time with these 2. Hurry back Ally and Jon!


mhsands said...

I love me some switch flops!

Debby said...

Thanks Heidi - you know how much I enjoy having my pic made and now you have "stroad" it from here to yonder. (teasing, I am what I am right?)
Couldn't have been a better day, being with 5 of my hearts.

Tracy said...

LOVE picture #2....that is quite an accomplishment to get a free meal!!!! I would love the switch flops too if I could ever get my size....oh well, eventually :)