Sunday, June 21, 2009

# 1 Dad

Neil and I have been given the awesome responsibility of raising boys. We get to teach these guys how to grow into Godly men and have Godly families of their own one day. As we all know, dads are boy's role models. I think P & C will be just fine. I am thankful the Lord chose Neil to be the father of my children and their role model.

Thank you Lord, for knowing just what we needed.


mhsands said...

Heidi, I couldn't have said that better if I tried. I too am thankful for a Godly man to be the father of my son. God has blessed me so much; much more than I ever could deserve. Tracy is truly the person I want to grow old with and I am so thankful that he is around to teach M what a man is supposed to be... Thanks for putting what is in most of our hearts into words!

mhsands said...

Why don't you bring ur laptop over this week and we'll let the boys play and I'll teach u the tricks of the trade (well, the few I know)... I think it would be lots of fun! Or, I can come to u... just let me know.