Wednesday, June 8, 2011

That Coop…


Lately he looks at me and says, “If you do dat again, I’m telling on you.”  :) 

He told Parker the other day, “I not being your best brudder anymore!”

The boys have been going to VBS with Mic and Will. (It has been a wonderful experience, and we are so thankful those sweet boys asked them.) Coop didn’t want to go one night because he has some serious mommyitis! He cried and cried because Parker stayed without him.  Through tears, he told me Parker was his BeSt boy!

He told me if he cuts his scissors with his hair, (exact words) it won’t hurt.  THEN, he asked if I wanted to watch him!

Tonight, he was asking me where I got some nectarines.  I told him, “Piggly Wiggly.” He told me I was saying it wong!  It was “Piggy Da Wiggwy.”

He is my sweet, fun loving, cuter than cute~

SuPeR CoOp!

IMG_1569 Love my 2 BoYs!

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Debby said...

love this post!! this is what blogs are about. memories, love it