Monday, June 13, 2011

Cooper is SwImMiNg!

This past week, Cooper has progressed each day with swimming.  Mama started getting him in the water sometime back when the water was way too cold for me.  (THANKS MEME!) It really paid off. 

Neil taught Parker to swim and was determined we would teach Cooper too. He started going under earlier last week, and by Friday, he was swimming.  He kinda swims like a dolphin right now, but that is ok.  We are just thankful he is swimming. :)

Yesterday, he started jumping off the side. IMG_1603


IMG_1601 Going to get the goggles!IMG_1606

What a blessing!


tara said...

way to go Coop!! :)

Tracy said...

I called Aubree Cate in here to look....she said, "It's Cu-per!". I showed her what he was doing in hopes to get her interested! I said, "Do you see what he's doing...why can't you?". Haha...she just shrugged! Not bothering her :)