Monday, March 8, 2010

Not so long ago…

This is what Coop was doing at the ball park! I am having a hard time with him growing up! I just thought it was bad with Parker!

But, when I start getting sad, I just think of how blessed I am to have these 2 boys!

Thank you Lord, for knowing just what I needed!




Tara, thanks for sending me these SwEeT memories!


mhsands said...

How cute!

tara said...

You are so welcome!! Tears came to my eyes when I looked at the other pics that were in that same folder...our boys are growing up fast!! I will send you the ones of Parker tomorrow...for some reason, the email didn't go through!!

Lesli said...

How sweet, you are going to make me cry! I was outside today watching mine play and thinking about how much they have grown since last summer!

Brandi said...

Hey, I made a mistake, got the bunny at TJMAXX, not Hobby Lobby. OOPS! I LOVE TJMAXX's Eater decorations... cheap and cute!