Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Two Sluggers

Neil went to sign up Parker for baseball last week and found out Coop is old enough to play t-ball. He didn’t hesitate to sign him up. I can’t help but smile a BIG smile thinking of that little guy on that baseball field. It is gonna be fun!


Parker and Neil took off early Saturday morning for baseball camp at PCA. Neil stayed with him and was very impressed. He was one proud daddy! Parker had a really good time and was so glad he decided to go. (He is like his mommy. He has a hard time with decisions!)

Thanks so much Julie and Tara for the pics!

Gabriel and Parker BBC




Brandi said...

Yeah for sports!! So much fun!!!! We are loving it!!! Your boys are so big!!

tara said...

The boys have asked a dozen times when can they go back to baseball camp with the big "boys"!! :)

Tracy said...

How exciting that the little one gets to play ball......I'm sure he will have lots of "dirty" fun!