Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Praises to Him




Dear Parker,

We enjoyed hearing you and your friends singing praises to Jesus. The words to the songs were just so sweet, and we truly need to hear them every day! Thank you so much for witnessing to us!

You make us so proud to be your mommy and daddy! Don’t know how we got so lucky to have the BeSt BoYs in the whole world!


Decal Monograms said...

I just love that bottom picture. So stinkin cute!!! Wish I had at least one boy in my house. HA oh well. I am blessed with 3 healthy little girls- Thanks to God.

Did you record them singing??? I bet it brought tears to your eyes.

HB Deal said...

Hey girl! The songs were just what I needed to hear, ya know? I am getting a video and can't wait. These years are so precious! YOU ARE SO RIGHT! 3 healthy girls is such a blessing! :) OH~ the bottom pic is Coop and his cousin dancing to their brother's songs. LOL I thought it was cute too!