Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Falling In Love With Fall

Even though the first day of Fall is officially September 22, I've always felt that the day after Labor Day marks the end of summer and the start of Fall. I used to hate seeing summer end, but now Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.

Since it is right around the corner, I've been thinking of the reasons that I've fallen in love with Fall. Here are just a couple.

UGA Football
Neil and I have made it a tradition of going to at least one UGA game a year. The only year we have missed is when I was pregnant with Coop. The weekend before we were to go, my ovary twisted and I had to have emergency surgery. I CRIED and CRIED. I was determined we were going anyway, but I am so glad we got rid of the tickets because there is no way I could have climbed those hills that weekend.

There is just something about Athens that I love. A couple of things we have to do every year is going by the Vet school and the other is eating at Mexicali's or Davinci's. My 2 favorite things to eat are pizza and mexican. I am not lying when I say I can eat pizza every day. I was so sad the last time we went and found out my favorite pizza place in the world, Davinci's, was closed. Luckily, we did find another place to eat some pizza last fall. Maybe we can remember where it is. I have a feeling with Neil's memory, that won't be a problem.

Halloween is another favorite. I have such special memories of trick or treating. Grandma Twinda made sure I always had the perfect costume. When I was around 3rd grade, we had a costume parade at the fall festival at Pinewood. Grandma fixed me up as an old lady. I can remember her showing me how to walk with my cane. I won first place in that little contest. Maybe that is why I like it so much. She made this holiday extra special.

Once I was too old to go, Ellen and I would go over to MaMarge and Poppi's and hand out candy. That was lots of fun too. I would also help Grandma bag candy and pass it out at the grocery store. I LOVE candy period and am not sure what my favorite Halloween candy would be. I used to like to pick out the cream soda Dum Dums, and I have eaten my share of pumpkins that taste like candy corn.

I now get to enjoy trick or treat again through my boys' eyes. Parker wants to be Buzz Lightyear this Halloween. Cooper is either gonna be mickey mouse or Woody. Woody and Buzz would be super cute.


Brandi said...

I love the fall too!!! Your boys look so cute in their matching shirts!!! Also, way cute Happy Halloween banner!!! Right now Hobby Lobby has 50% off their Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations... cute!!!!

mhsands said...

I am looking forward to Fall as well this year. I usually don't want summer to end, but this year I am wanting some cooler weather...

Julie said...

AHHH, the cool air tonight was wonderful! I was able to get my steak :0) and as we were walking out of Long Horn, I just felt good all over because of the temperature in the air! In between seasons is my favorite time of year. However this time of year reminds me of all the fun things that are right around the corner..... time goes by so fast this time of year!

KRZeigler said...

Can't wait for fall too!!!
I will definitely paint you a whale.

KRZeigler said...

I am planning on painting this weekend. Any particular color for the background for the whale?
I was thinking pink strips with green polkadots and a bright blue whale. Whatcha' think?

HB Deal said...

Hey Kelly! I commented on your blog! THANKS! This sounds PERFECT!! :)