Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Weekend & My Little Devil

Did your weekend just fly by? Man, ours sure did. Parker woke up Friday morning with an ear ache. He wanted MeMe to take him to the doctor. Well, she was quite embarassed because he screamed the whole time they were there. Dr. Paul said he knew why he was not happy because he had fluid in both ears! Bless his heart. We stayed around home this weekend hoping he would get better, and he did.

I cleaned the house Saturday. For some reason, I decided to tell the cleaning girls to skip this week. What was I thinking? I knew Neil would be working on replacing the bathroom floor, so I thought I could just clean while he did that. It just about took all day! Thank goodness Neil took me to Harry's for supper.

The boys spent the night with Mama Saturday night. My precious little Cooper decided he would pour 1000 Island, French and Ranch dressing all over her carpet. Now, Meme was not happy. Hopefully, Mr. Tommy is gonna help us out today, or I told her we would replace the carpet! He then bit me and left a bruise while I was hugging him. A little later, he sprayed water all over my kitchen and wet some boxes I was sending back today! I don't know what got in to him yesterday.

Can you believe this little face did all of that?

I LoVe my BoYs!


tara said...

Boys WILL BE boys!! :~) They are the BEST!!

Debby said...

You should never have blogged about this. I had gotten about 2 nerves back and now you've reminded me and they are GONE again!!! Lord what a day yesterday was. Looking at his pics helps a little. I love those boys toooooooo.

HB Deal said...

Tara, I so agree with you! :) Sorry Mama! You have to laugh about it now. :) :)

Tracy said...

The sweetest faces are the most devilish :) I should send AC over to her house with Cooper...that would completely do her in!

KRZeigler said...

Cooper and AC - I think they would rule the world! Mischievious little minds but precious through and through!