Tuesday, August 4, 2009

That Time Again

I can't believe it is time for PCA ad pictures again. Seems like I was just making them for last year's program! Anyway, I took the boys outside yesterday and got pictures of them in their jerseys.

We went over between our house and Sandy and Richie's so we could be in the shade. I BRIBED them with playing on Rich and Abi's swing set. Sandy wasn't home, but I knew she wouldn't mind.

The picture taking went very good. It is so not easy with a busy 2 year old. I even had to go inside once to change my battery, and they came back out and did just what I asked them to do. I love good picture days!

They each had 6 popsicles when we came back in. You know you are obsessed when your 6 year old little guy says he wants pink and green because those are your favorite colors. Doesn't get any sweeter!


tara said...

Cute pics!! :~) U must have gotten an extension on your ad; they called me last Monday and told me that I HAD to have at the school by 5!! :~)

HB Deal said...

I just had to have the ad then. I could send pics later. :)

tara said...

I got cha!! Seems like now you say that, I believe I remember her telling me that. You know me, i tend to have a really bad case of CRS sometimes! :~)

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures! I love pink and green too!

Tracy said...

Six popsicles! Boy, Colby would be loving you!!! :)