Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday My Boy!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy! I can't believe you have been in my life for 6 years now. You are such a blessing, and I am so proud of you. I love you more and more each day!

One of my favorite bible verses is Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. I feel so privileged to walk beside you during these years, watching God's unfolding plans for your life.

As I tell you every night before you go to bed, "God gave me the best boys in the world." I hope you have a very happy birthday, and a very happy first day of school!

Lord Jesus,
Thank you for letting me be Parker and Cooper's mom! :)


Kylie said...

Super cute! What a good way to start his school year! Happy Birthday, Parker!

Jodee Leader said...

Happy Birthday! Cute pictures!

Brandi said...

You are such a good mom!!! Happy birthing day!

Julie said...

Hey Parker! Hope you had a great day! Gabriel said the cupcakes were super good! Happy Birthday!

Goin_Coastal said...

Happy birthday, Parker! And, Heidi. God also gave those precious boys a wonderful mother to love them!

mhsands said...