Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Day of K5

God has blessed us once again. On Thursday, we learned that Parker would be in Mrs. Sheffield's class. Parker really wanted her as his teacher. Not only is she his teacher, but Gabriel is also in his class. Julie is such a special friend, and our boys are close too. I can't wait to see them grow this year.

The first day of school was much better than last year for both of us. He was really excited because it was his birthday, and this time I didn't let him see me cry. I got teary eyed, and when I saw Julie leaving Gabriel I about lost it. Before we know it, our boys will be graduating!

We are almost there!

He is ready!

Parker and Daddy on the way to the classroom

Parker and Mrs. Sheffield

Angelynne (Mrs. Sheffield) is also Parker's cousin! :)
My mom and Angelynne's mom are first cousins.

He went right to work!

Parker's birthday shirt!

Mrs. Sheffield had a special treat for the birthday boy!

Parker and his proud parents! Mommy's eyes were a little swollen!


Jodee Leader said...

Wow! It looks like he did great! I love his birthday shirt!

Carson goes back to school on Wednesday so I will have similar pictures too!

Tracy said...

Kindergarten wasn't nearly as bad as Pre-K! Hope he had a great birthday!