Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life Is Good

I took the morning off because I have to work all day tomorrow. Man, these past 2 days have just been wonderful. Today, I had to go and get some bloodwork done in Claxton, so the boys and I went on to Statesboro to do some shopping and stop by Scoops to pick up Parker's birthday invitations. We ended up staying the whole afternoon. Did more window shopping than anything, but it sure was fun!

Our first stop was Little Doses. As usual, the boys had fun playing . I love stores that have play areas for kids. Mine usually have a blast, and it does keep them occupied.

Next, it was Scoops to get some ice cream and pick up the invitations. They turned out really cute. Parker always get "superman". It looks like sherbet. I tasted it today, and it was to die for. It tastes like vanilla, and I think it is the best I have ever had. I opted for ice cream instead of my rice krispy treat today.

After Scoops we went to Hobby Lobby for awhile. While I was in there, I got to thinking about Rack Room. So we left HL and walked down to get some shoes. I decided to go ahead and get Parker's school shoes since it was tax free day. Got him 2 pair and Coop one. These converse were irresistable. The blue are Parker's and the red are Coop's.

Another great day with my boys!
Life is good!


Kylie said...

Super cute pics! Love the ones of Coop with the sunglasses. :) I'm glad you three had a good day!!

tara said...

The pics of Cooper with the sunglasses are too funny!! Looks like they were enjoying some good ice-cream...

Tracy said...

AC is getting the pink Converse this year! I debated last week when I was in there, but decided to wait until it cools down a little more so I don't take the chance of them being too little!!