Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Goods & Chuck E. Cheese

On Thursday after my little surgery we did some shopping, got some cookies, and then took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese.

Home Goods is one of my favorite places. I could look in there for hours. I couldn't stay out of there at Easter. They had the prettiest rabbit stuff. The best is that the prices are very reasonable. First on the agenda was a wedding gift for our nursery worker at church. Mama and I both loved these baskets for her. I REALLY want to keep them. Neil and I are hoping to build another house soon, and these would look so good in a brown half bath. I fell in love with these vases too. The blue and green are mine. My kitchen has lots of blue and white. I just couldn't resist this $10 vase. Don't know where I am gonna put the green one, but I am sure I will find a special place. The amber one is also a wedding gift. We are planning on putting it with the baskets IF I can part with them. You guessed it. The frame is all mine. Gotta get a picture from our vacation to put in there.

Chuck E. Cheese has lots of new rides and games. Cooper loved the new Bob ride. He is into Bob right now. There was also a Barney one, but he didn't like it once I put the coin in. Parker did his own thing and got lots of tickets.

Thanks for the emails and comments about my surgery. It went way better than I expected. I thought I was gonna have a panic attack before the doctor got in there. It took all of 5 minutes for him to take it off. There was and has been no pain. The only thing was that for 5 hours I couldn't blink my left eye. Now, after about 4 hours, I became anxious. Mama was just about to take me back to Dr. Dascomb's. I told her my face was still VERY numb, so she said that was probably all it was. I thought I was going to die before we got to Ft. Stewart. We stopped at Richmond Hill and Parker and I got out and got a snack. Thank goodness I fell asleep on the way home. By the time we got back, I could blink a little. Neil said the doctor probably didn't anticipate that or he would have told me. Got a call from Dr. Dascomb this afternoon asking how I was, and he told me it was benign.
Thank you Lord for always taking care of me!

Have a GREAT weekend!



The Shuman Family said...

Glad everything went well and you were to still able to enjoy another summer day with your boys because there are only a few left.

mhsands said...

Dr. Dascomb did Matthew's plastic surgery also. We REALLY liked him (we thought he was a little strange until we got to know him better, and then we were really pleased with him). Was happy to hear everything turned out well!

Jennifer said...

I love Home Goods too! My momma and I hit up the one near the airport about 15 mins. after I landed! It's a good thing we don't have one at home and that I can't pack that much stuff! :) Glad your surgery went well!


Julie said...

Wonderful news! I knew everything would be ok! Don't you just love Home Goods! I got most of the deco for Gabriel's room from there for really good prices! Getting reading to redo Becky's room so I'm sure that is where we'll get most of the stuff! Enjoy your last week off!

tara said...

Dr. Dascomb is the BEST! Warren thinks he is a God-send considering all the stuff that he had to do with his eye and his lip. There is not even a scar to be found. Glad everything went well for you!!