Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Times

This morning we took one of our many weekly visits to my grandparents. Let me start by saying how blessed I am to have them. Poppi will be 90 in October, and MaMarge will be 87 in August. They mean the world to me. They both have a remarkable relationship with my boys, but the relationship between my Poppi and the boys is something I can't even begin to explain.

Mama keeps Cooper every other morning while I work, and Poppi comes over to visit on the mornings she has him. He rings the doorbell and immediately Cooper knows who it is. He drops what he is doing and runs to the door calling "Poppi, Poppi".

Parker and Cooper enjoy riding down to the McCurdy's pond with Poppi in his old blue truck, and occasionally they will stop to feed the fish. This has become a ritual. When they get back from riding, the boys always have to get peanuts Poppi keeps for them in his "office" building behind their house along with some orange drink he keeps in the outside refrigerator.

I love seeing the boys coming back through the field in Poppi's truck.

For the longest time, the boys would have to have a bun (honey bun) when we went to visit. Some mornings Poppi eats a honey bun for breakfast so they keep a good supply. Poppi, Parker and Cooper will sit at the kitchen table and eat a bun and drink a glass of milk that only Poppi could get for them. They still do this occasionally. Another thing that is almost a must is Cooper has to put on one of Poppi's hats. When Poppi wears one, Cooper wants one too. Sometimes even if Poppi doesn't have one on, Cooper still wants to wear one.

I would not take anything in this world for naming Parker after my granddaddy. I just pray Parker will be half the man he is. The Lord broke the mold when he made Poppi. There will never be another like him. He is my rock. For many years, he was my daddy, always there for me and I will forever be grateful. I pray every day for their health and that there will be many more happy times at MaMarge and Poppi's.


mhsands said...

Heidi that is so sweet! Matthew doesn't even remember my mom (who died when he was two). We don't see my dad as often as I would like, so he doesn't have the relationship with him like you are describing. Your boys will truly be blessed from the bonds they are forming at such young ages!

tgriffin said...

I wish that Ronnie and Greg could have met Tina. She would have just loved them to death!! I will always believe that Greg is Tina's angel and that Ronnie was sent to keep an eye on Greg!! There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about Tina and how she would have been a wonderful great-grandmother to my boys!! Like mhs said, your boys will be truly blessed by having a relationship with MaMarge and Poppi...

Tracy said...

That is the sweetest thing.....makes me want to cry. My grandparents love visiting with my kids and never seem bothered by the noise and mess they make over there. They would do anything in the world for them (and me).