Friday, June 5, 2009

Fishing at the Coast

Last Saturday, Neil and his daddy took Parker fishing with them. Neil came home at lunch with some pictures from the trip. I just had to download them and share. The morning of the trip, Parker got up ready to go. Now when Neil goes fishing, it is all day. Parker never once complained. I think it was mostly because he got to eat cheese crackers all day. That boy can eat up some Lance crackers. I think he got that from Grandma Twinda. She sent me many of time outside the IGA to the Lance machine to get her those cheese crackers and a coke. She was a true diabetic, so she didn't need that coke. That reminds me of the time Daddy promised her $100 if she would drink a diet coke. She did, and he kept his promise. Those were the good 'ole days.... Back to the fishing trip... Neil just bragged on what a little fisherman he was. He hung in there all day with those 2. At one point, Mr. Derrell caught a fish with a dead shrimp. Right after that, he went to bait Parker's hook with something different. Parker told him right quick he wanted the shrimp too. That's my boy! :) The best part to me about the fishing trips is going to eat at the coast. The rest of the crew met the fishermen and had supper at Sapelo Station. I think tomorrow I will share about my Coop. :)


mhsands said...

Love your blog!

Tracy said...

Hey, Heidi...very cute and sooo you!!! Look forward to checking on you.