Monday, September 3, 2012

Just the 2 of us

Our weekend was one that could have just lasted forever!
Friday night, we had a great time with Ken and Holly and their boys and Jason and Lee Ann and their children. We ate mexican and then headed to the TCHS game. 
Saturday, I slept on and off all morning in between doing laundry and trying to straighten this house. It seems those 2 are never ending jobs.  After lunch, Neil watched football (He still isn't up to par.) while the rest of us got in the pool. It was SO nice just floatin' around while the boys played. Neil came out later and asked if I wanted to do something.  In all honesty, I was quite content where I was! We headed to the Buccanneer, and the boys ended up staying with Neil's parents.
  We went to church yesterday and just kinda bummed around. Neil had some emergency things, so I went in to work with him.  That was really weird.  Haven't done that much since we had the boys.   Couldn't decide on anything that we really wanted to do that afternoon, so we got chinese and watched t.v. That is typical Neil and Heidi!   
I tell ya this house has been way too quiet! I miss all that noise that LITTLE BOYS make! Can't wait for them to get home!
Just the 2 of us is fine, but the 4 of us is best!

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