Wednesday, June 20, 2012


As I have said before, this boy loves baseball. He has played non-stop since fall, and has done very well.  Neil and I couldn’t be prouder of him.  He is a perfectionist, and is getting WAY too stressed out on that field. (That makes a mama who is already stressed even MORE stressed!) I know it is normal for boys this age to get upset, but I can’t stand seeing him go through this. 

Neil told him this week that maybe he is tired and just needs a break.  OH MAN~ That brought on the crocodile tears! Even the thought of not playing on a team until next spring just broke his heart.  Something is definitely weighing on his mind, and I am just praying that it will all pass soon. 

I love this little guy so much and want him to just have fun! 

598996_3408106169652_937390925_n Tara took this picture, and I love it!

Parker, you have been blessed beyond measure with the love and talent of baseball.  It is my prayer that you will always love it and most importantly HAVE FUN with the game!

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