Sunday, August 7, 2011


I must say The Crab Trap has always been my 2nd favorite place to eat. (The Buccaneer my 1st.) Well, now Crabdaddy’s comes in a close 2nd with The Crab Trap.

Neil came to SSI our last weekend there. Mama and I decided he could choose where to eat Saturday night because we had our picks all month. He wanted somewhere we hadn’t been and chose Crabdaddy’s. Oh MY~ We all loved it.

On our way, I HAD to get some pictures. The boys asked to take some too. Bless their hearts, they (and Neil) have been so patient with me. They have a camera in their face 24/7. It was even worse at the beach…

Coop’s pic~IMG_2154

Parker’s pic~IMG_2152 What a great meal and a great night!

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