Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blanket, Pillow and Book Bag…


are ready… Cooper is not. Mama is not.

There have been tears shed by both of us in the past few weeks. He wants no part of school.  We have told him ALL the fun things he will get to do, but that still doesn’t make him happy.

Everything is ready but my Coop!


Here is the super cute quilt a sweet friend made for me. I LOVE it. IMG_2166


The matching pillow…IMG_2169

  The book bag…IMG_2168

Lord, help us to remember that nothing is gonna happen that we can’t handle together!

1 comment:

tara said...

too sweet!! I'm sure Coop will do fine when he gets with all of his little buddies...I do remember that day all too well...have a great day! :)