Sunday, July 24, 2011

GSU Baseball Camp

Parker’s first camp was GSU’s Baseball Camp.  It was a great experience for him, and he hopes to do it next summer.  Even though it was extremely hot, he never once complained.  He was literally wet from head to toe with sweat every time I picked him up. He looked forward to each day, and was up and ready to go every morning. 

I think he was very excited to be with some of the GSU players.  The (left-handed) pitcher was his coach. Parker is obsessed with people being left handed these days for some reason and thought that was super cool. 

Jon, Wade and Walt went, so that made it even better!

Off to camp…IMG_1925

Best Cousins~IMG_1929

My Little SlUgGeR!IMG_1928

Jon liked camp too.  He isn’t use to gnats, so they kinda bothered him. :)  They bother me too!!IMG_1930

Parker and Walt heading out the 1st morning~ They were on the same team. IMG_1933

Cooper wanted to stay, but he was a trooper and ran errands EVERY morning with Mommy!IMG_1932

Parker and his coach!IMG00877-20110714-1150

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