Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Behind...

on my blogging. I am going back to spring break. My computer got a virus, and so it was in the shop for a bit. Now I am having a hard time getting my blog site downloaded. Maybe things will be back to normal soon. Since this blog is for my boys, I wanna go back and capture some memories over the last couple of weeks.

Monday, I went to Statesboro with this little boy. Love spending one on one with my boys. He enjoyed going to La Berry. (Can I just say GROSS?)

Playing outside...

Meme has gotten this little guy almost swimming. He is walking around in the shallow end and not afraid of the water. My Poppi told me this weekend to teach him to swim because he is alive today because he knew how to swim when he swam the Rhine River while in WWII. Can I say CHILLS?The rest of the week was spent with Cooper. We played, made cookies, shopped and cleaned house. I had to get my house back in order after Easter and Coop's birthday. Mama told me there was no sense in that mess. :)

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