Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A WhAlE of a GOOD Party!

After contemplating putting off Cooper’s little whale party, I am so glad I didn’t. The sun came out just in time. We just about blew away, and I didn’t get to put things exactly the way I wanted, but that is fine. It turned out just great, and I know some little boys and girls that enjoyed swimming and playing.

I had a great time too getting to talk to some very special friends, and I am so thankful they took time out to come and celebrate Coop’s day.

My little birthday boy enjoying his "4" cookie! Such a Lil' Stinker!IMG_1171

The whale cake~ Mrs. Lacy is the best!IMG_1130
Part of our decorations that just couldn’t take the wind! Thanks so much MissiIMG_1131
The adorable Molly and Jency~ They are IdEnTiCaL!IMG_1160

Miss Ava~ She is the cutest thing ever!


Cooper's BeSt girl~ Becky! Just a DOLL BABY!

Precious Jordan and Cooper chasing the runaway whale!IMG_1140

Madeline and Riley~ Cousins at the party! My boys love them dearly!IMG_1174

Cutie patooties~ Caroline and Ava! Ava was gonna spend the night with me. Her mommy told her she might come home monogrammed! :)


Ava’s big brother Aiden~ He enjoyed the whale! :)IMG_1149

Jordan and Cooper with little squirt. :) Jordan is such a joy to be around. IMG_1145

Brannen~ Molly and Jency’s big brother! He is such a handsome little guy!IMG_1150

This is how Coop had to blow out his “candles”.IMG_1170

The favors! I LOVED the candy wrappers and toppers Melissa did for me! IMG_1163

Lots of YuMmY whales and 4s~ 2 Smart Cookies is a tradition!IMG_1165

A close up of the party favors and super cute toppers!IMG_1163

A few more decorations~ I had to tape down this cute little sign!IMG_1133

Gabriel~ My boys love playing with Gabe. He is such a great kid! :)


The Deal boys~ YEP, the only pic I took of my 1st boy! I can’t believe that! IMG_1181

My Super Coop in front of his gifts! :) He enjoyed every minute of his party!IMG_1187

The lucky mommy because this little birthday boy is mine!


Had a blast with the whale party. :)

Have lots of blue and red (loving me some light blue, red and navy combo) leftover from Coop's party. :) I will be using it this summer for Parker's FoOtBaLl party! :)


Jodee said...

What a cute theme! It looks like everyone had a whale of a good time!

tara said...

Looks like they did have a "whale" of a good time...can't believe how much he has grown... :)

Deidra Brown said...

Oh I love the whale theme. Do you have a like for the lady who greated the letters. It's funny but I am having a football party this weekend for my 5 year old. His bithday is today.

mhsands said...

Okay, the C4 pic is just too stink'in cute! That is a hoot!

Missi said...

Love it!! Very, very super cute pics! Looks like a blast!