Sunday, March 13, 2011

4 Days Sure Was Nice!

Wish every weekend was 4 days! :) Sure was nice!

Friday, we went to PCA for Grandparent’s Day! What a sweet sweet program! Those little boys and girls were awesome witnesses. So glad I got to go, and glad Parker’s grandparents were there too!

We LOVE Mrs. Haddon! She RoCkS!IMG_0991


The boys with Neil’s parentsIMG_0992


Parker and MeMe~ Maybe she won’t kill me with a side view! IMG_0998

Parker talks about Brinley all the time, but he doesn’t like girls! :) (That is FINE with me!) HA!IMG_1000

Couldn’t ever get a good pic from where I was sitting. IMG_0984

Coop and his Becky~ I am afraid Gene might be cleaning his gun! :)IMG_0988


The rest of our weekend was spent outside working in the yards! The weather was absolutely perfect, and I know 2 little boys that sure did enjoy it!


We worked all weekend and still have a ways to go!IMG_1014

My silly boys!IMG_1008

What an awesome weekend! Looking forward to the next!

God is so good to me!

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