Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday AlReAdY?

Didn’t do much this weekend, but we did go out and celebrate Neil’s birthday at Longhorns. Afterwards, the 2 of us were suppose to go and see True Grit, but we didn’t make it. Coop didn’t want us to go, and it didn’t take much persuading. We are just plain getting old! HA! (I would have just slept through it anyway~ TRUE BURKHALTER!) Can’t tell ya the last movie we have seen…

happy birthday neil

FuN TiMeS!


Brandi said...

Happy birthday to your hubs!! What a cute family!!!! You need to see True Grit, awesome!!!

Tracy said...

When April and I used to have time to get together regularly...she would almost always fall asleep when she got still watching TV (Burkhalter, I guess :) )