Monday, November 1, 2010

From Bunnies & Frogs 2 Bunnies & Monkeys

We finished up Cooper’s room today. (except for curtains) I really like how his bunny & monkey room turned out. Kept lots of things from his nursery. I added monkeys instead of frogs. Kept my lime and blue, but added some brown.

I ordered this plaid bedding way back. I went to put it on his bed, and it didn’t really fit. I was so disappointed. I found this comforter at Target and put his initials on it. Put the plaid at the bottom of his bed, and I was in love!


A sweet blogger friend made this precious sign for me. I think it is perfect! The whale bookends make me smile. IMG_0162







Bunnies & Frogs Nursery

I loved his little nursery. Parker’s was VERY similar. (He actually had more frogs.) Can’t believe these days are over!



I didn’t use these 2 pictures in his new room. I think I am going to put them in the hall by their bathroom. Gotta have them somewhere. :)IMG_3379

Right before we moved, Coop got something on his frog rug I couldn't get off. :(IMG_3425


Little boys are SO much fun! I am SO thankful for mine!


Brandi said...

What cute rooms! Your boys are lucky to have you as their mommy. I'm sad my nursery days are over too.

KRZeigler said...

Super Cute!!! Where did you find the green and white chair you had in Cooper's nursery? I've been looking for one like that for Reid's nursery.

HB Deal said...

Thank you Brandi and Kellie~ :)

Kellie, I got that from a store called Robyn's Nest in Savannah. I ordered it. They have changed hands and don't have much nursery things. (cute clothes though) Have you tried Babies and More (I think that is it) in Savannah? If not, check there. I think they would have something like it. One more thing... Have you been introduced to Kelly Rightsell? First started with her stuff when I was pg. with Parker. Check her out on the net. That is where lots of things you see here came from. You are gonna have the best time with this baby boy. Boys are so much fun. :) I love dressing them!!

KRZeigler said...

Thanks for the info! I will check these places out.

Deidra Brown said...

I am loving your son's room. May I ask who painted all the photos and artwork?