Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Fisherman

A few days ago, the boys went fishing with Poppi. Coop didn’t last long because I woke him up from his nap and he was very ill, so he went and stayed with MaMarge.

Parker is quite the little fisherman. He caught well over 20, and I didn’t catch a one. Well, I did catch 2 that got away. :) We kept Poppi very busy baiting our hooks. There was no way I was touching a cricket!

Have to go back soon so I can show Parker his mommy does know how to catch a fish! HA!

You would think this picture fanatic would have taken her camera. Thank goodness for camera phones because I got some really good pics. :) Should have taken some of MaMarge and Coop, but she has a fit when she sees me coming with my camera. :) Man, I love her to pieces.







IMG00087-20100603-1739 mY pArKeRs

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tara said...

How sweet!! You need to bring them out here one day and let them fish with the boys...Greg could stand there for hours, even if he never gets a bite!! :)