Monday, June 14, 2010

I heart JND

It has been 13 years today, and life is good. I have a few more wrinkles and Neil a little less hair, but we still HeArT each other. :)

Just can’t thank the Lord enough for knowing just who I needed to share my life with. He has been so good to us!

We have had lots of good times and have had lots of good things come our way, but these 2 are by far our greatest blessing…..



I HeArt you JND! I enjoyed our trip to Hilton Head this weekend!

Happy Anniversary!


tara said...

Happy Anniversary!! Glad y'all had a great time! The pics of the boys are too cute...

mhsands said...


Goin_Coastal said...

Happy anniversary to the Deals! And many more to come ~

Jodee Leader said...

Happy Anniversary!