Saturday, April 17, 2010

Parker’s ballgame and Party at McDonald’s

Parker had a ballgame Friday night, and he did so good. He was 2 for 2 and hit them straight down the 3rd base line. YAY Parker!


We couldn’t stand it. Coop and I had to get into the cupcakes before Parker’s game!IMG_8171

I twisted Mama’s arm for this pic! I thought it turned out great!IMG_8174

Afterwards, we celebrated Cooper’s birthday at McDonald’s. He got to pick, and believe it or not this is what he wanted. HA! I tried to talk him into cheese dip. :)

My BoYs!IMG_8178



I love the way he is looking at her singing to him!IMG_8186

YUMMY (cute) cupcakesIMG_8183

TOO SWEET! That icing was too good to waste! IMG_8189





Brandi said...

Yeah for ballgames!! So much fun! Cupcakes look yummy and love the little frog birthday shirt...too cute! Your boys are always too cute!

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun party! Cute pictures!

Julie said...

Hope Coop had a great birthday! Love the pics of him and your mom! They are precious! Aren't you glad she twisted so hard Ms. Debbie?!

Debby said...

Yes Julie I am. It's a priceless pic if I must say so. I DO HATE having my pic taken but love this one. And Heidi I love the one of me singing to Coop too. He's really into it.