Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just like Big Brother


I should have named this MoNkEy SeE, mOnKeY dO. I always think of good titles after the fact. Cooper does (literally) everything Parker does.

I am so HaPpY! Cooper is finally potty trained. Neil says he could have done it a year ago, and he probably could have. (Why does he always have to be right?) He was really easy to train. I so deserve an easy one after what I went through with P!


Decal Monograms said...

That is to stinking cute!!!

tara said...

Too cute!! Some of my best pics of the boys are when they are doing that at the pool with their little tan lines showing...just will get some of those shots too! :~)

Tracy said...

That is way funny!! The pool ones are funny.... Last year, Tammy's boys and Colby all lined up with their white lines showing at the same time... it was a picture moment but I didn't get it!! :)

mhsands said...

So fun-nay!