Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Parker didn't have a paci, and I am so thankful because I don't think I could have gone through saying goodbye to a paci twice.

Christmas night, Cooper stayed at Mama's with Ally while Jon and Parker stayed at our house. He only had one paci at mama's and he had bitten a hole in it. Mama told me not to worry about it and that maybe he wouldn't ask for it. He didn't! He went the whole next day without one too. He spent the night with them again and didn't really ask for his paci, and when he did, Mama just told him Santa got it. This continued until today. I knew when he got home, it would be different. Sure enough, when it came time for his nap, he asked for it. I told him Santa took it and he went straight to the drawer to get one and just started crying. IT WAS HORRIBLE, and I just lost it. I knew there was no way I could give it back to him after he had gone 3 days without it. By this time, Neil came home for lunch and I was sobbing. He told Cooper that the little baby elves needed it to help them get big enough to make more toys for him next year. What would I do without him?

He finally stopped crying and laid in his bed. I couldn't even look at that baby in his bed without his paci. I SOBBED more and called Mama. That always helps.

He wanted to get up after a short while, and I let him. He didn't get a nap this afternoon. Tonight, he told me he wanted paci to come back. It took him a while to settle down, and I know it was because he missed his paci. This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I want so bad to give it to him. He also has a blankie, and I don't care if he takes it to college, I am not taking it away!

If I would have known Christmas day would have been the last time I would have seen Coop with a paci, I would have cried many more tears!

Christmas Eve~ His last night with his LOVE!


I CHERISH these last pics of Cooper and his paci!



tara said...

We went through the same thing with Greg and his bottle. I didn't think we would ever get it away from him, but the first time we took them to Disney world, he decided that he would give his bottle to Mickey Mouse...I was like you, I just stood there and cried. He was only on a bottle a few months after we had gotten him and I just thought that he had grown up overnight! :( I did manage to get used to it, and I think Disney World took it off of his mind!!

The Chubby Dove said...

Aw, you're too cute.

My boys sucked their fingers. Imagine trying to stop THAT. You can't very well give fingers away to anyone...

Love Cooper's Christmas Morning bed head picture.

Becky said...

Oh no! Saying goodbye to paci is so sad! I guess that is why we did it atleast 4 times with Sadie. She LOVED it and always had one in her mouth and one in her hand smelling it. She would kiss them and tell them goodbye when we would go in a store. It crushed me when she would ask for them, pray about them, and cry for them. I would still let her if it wasn't for her teeth. If someone had proof that it wouldn't bother her teeth, I would give her one today :) She would melt when she put one in her mouth. She still admires those who get to suck on one. So sorry!

tdeloach said...

Thomas gave his paci to Dawson. I thought it was so sweet and he never asked for one again. Dawson, on the other hand, was a terrible experience. He got hand, foot, mouth when he was about 18 months old. He couldn't suck his paci because it hurt his mouth. He would cry and I would cry. Imagine your baby being sick and what he wants most makes him feel worse. After a week without it, I just couldn't give it back. I was the bad mama and told him it would make his mouth hurt! He would put it in his mouth for a second then snatch it out thinking just a quick suck wouldn't hurt! :(
I had my boys pics made at Tammy's with their pacies and woobies before they gave them up. SO SWEET!!!! One of my fav pics of all time!

Tracy said...

Well, as you see from many of our pictures, we still have ours. Colby absolutely loved his and always had two at the time....one for his mouth and one for the hand. He would take a big draw from the one in his mouth and then switch them out! It was the funniest thing... AC is going to be difficult too because if she ever holds a stuffed animal, she immediately looks for the pacifier. One task you can check off! :)

mhsands said...

How cute is that pic? Matthew didn't have a paci (being born without a suck reflex solved that issue), but he certainly had a blankie. Oh my, that was a BiG iSsUe! I think he decided it would be his paci... not only did he suck on it, but he loved to wipe it down everyone's cheek. YUCK!

Jodee Leader said...

Oh no! You poor thing! Just be glad you could take it away! I have two thumb suckers, one who is 6 1/2 and now wearing a mouth appliance to try and stop the bad habit!