Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So Blessed....So Thankful


I put Kylie up to the task of making me a pink and green (with polkadots) Thanksgiving sign. I know pink and green isn't Thanksgiving, but it is me. :) I saw something with this little saying and knew I had to have it too. I couldn't wait to get it home today and put some ribbon on it so I could put it on my classroom door tomorrow. Thanks so much, Kylie. I LoVe my pink and green sign!



I am SO BLESSED and SO THANKFUL to have these 2 for My BoYs!


mhsands said...

What cute pics! I can't get the pic of the sign... hummmm... I'll check back b/c I want to see! Have a great Wednesday!

Tracy said...

Yes, I want to see it too....Kylie didn't share!

Jodee Leader said...

I couldn't see the sign either, however, it sounds just adorable! Cute pictures of the boys!

Brandi said...

LOVE the sign.. adorable!!! Your boys are pretty darn cute too!!!