Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it really over?

What a great Thanksgiving! We ate lunch with Mama, Charles and Jamie and went to Neil's parents for dinner. Both meals were extra yummy. I think Mama fixed the best potato suffle yet! The dressing was to die for too. Pecan pie for dessert surely made the meal! Neil is a little spoiled. Mama made sure he got some oyster dressing. He kept trying to make me taste it. I told him I would for $100. That was the end of that. :) I was stuffed at dinner time, but I still made room for mac & cheese and biscuits. Neil's mama can do both of them up right. Caramel cake topped off this meal. Man, I am glad Thanksgiving is only once a year.

My day after Thanksgiving shopping partner, Mama, is still not feeling the best, so I had to go shopping by myself. I really thought about staying home, but the boys spent the night with Neil's parents and I had some shopping time to myself. Besides, I like getting out on that Friday to officially start the Christmas season. I decided to head to Vidalia to my favorite little shop, Panache'. I found MYSELF some things, but I did manage to get a gift or 2 while I was there. I stopped by Walmart too, and I was surprised that it really wasn't bad. This was lunch time though. I am sure the early birds were already back home.

We headed to the coast, late Friday afternoon. What a great weekend of shopping and eating! I found this shirt awhile back. Neil was with me and told me I had to get it. The boys wore them to Savannah on Saturday. We had people stopping to read the shirt all day..... if they only knew they REALLY were "BIG DEALS". Maybe I should say "LITTLE DEALS"! Parker modeled for me.




Brandi said...

LOVE the shirt...Ty has one too but of course it's way cooler on your boys since they really are a big DEAL!!!!!!

Goin_Coastal said...

Must agree... the shirts were a MUST. LOVE THEM!

Jodee Leader said...

Adorable t-shirt! Hope you have a great week!

Becky said...

too cute Heidi!