Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Poppi!

Today, my Poppi turns 90. I can't say enough about how he has blessed our family. He is the best Poppi in the whole world.

How many 90 year old men are stilling mowing the grass? This one is, and I am so grateful he is healthy and able to enjoy life.

One thing is for sure. My boys think he is the greatest! I must say I totally agree with them. The Lord broke the mold on him! He is such a great example for all of us and is so proud to be an American! This weekend we will be celebrating his birthday with a surprise party on Saturday, and he is going to be honored at church on Sunday for his many years of faithful service. WOW! That is a special man.

Hope you have MANY MANY more Happy Birthdays, Poppi!

Thank you Lord for giving me the BEST Granddaddy in the world and for blessing us with him for all of these years!

09-20-2009 08;37;07PM

Isn't he handsome? He is a WWII Veteran, and I promise you will never meet another man who is prouder of the red, white an blue than him!










These are just some of my favorites!


The Chubby Dove said...

Wow, Happy Birthday Poppi!

What a blessing it must be to still have him around.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Poppi!
He reminds me so much of my "Pop", full of life and full of love! Pop had so much love for the Lord and his family. I know you know how lucky you are to still have him! Pop was 89 years old when he went to be with the Lord and he was doing what he loved and living life when he did. I pray that his genes carry on through my children. They would have been so blessed to have met him. I can only imagine how much your boys enjoy spending time with him :0) Here's to many many more Happy Birthdays Poppi!!!!

tara said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Parker!! Did you know that Daddy took him a mess of fish the other day? He told me that last night when I talked to him...I hope they enjoyed them. He is a great man, and you are lucky to have him. Daddy thinks the world of him too!!!

Tracy said...

That makes me want to cry because I feel the same way about my granddad too! Something about those men back then that fought proud in the war...makes them hardworking and appreciative! Granddaddy journals his memories of the war and, I tell you, it is amazing how his life was spared so many times! Your poppi looks great and that is a priceless picture at the end!

The Shuman Family said...

Makes me miss my Papaw even more. Also a WWII vet, I lost my Papaw 3 years ago to cancer. He was 83. He was much more than just a Papaw, more like a father to me. He was all I had after my daddy died. I miss him terribly. You, and your boys, are so blessed to still have him.

mhsands said...

How great is this? My G-ma is in her 90s too, but not doing near this good (and lives in Iowa). You certainly are blessed! And THANK YOU for such a sweet comment over at the Sands Sidebar -- means a lot!

KRZeigler said...

This is so sweet!!! It makes me miss my Grandy so much. It's hard to believe he went to be with the Lord four years ago this October. They are such great men and so inspirational with deep impact on our lives. I am lucky to still have my mom's Dad with us still. He's 91 and not in good health. Grandparents are the best!!!

the boyd girls.... said...

Oh, this was such a sweet post. I have a poppie also, who is very sick with cancer. Hospice has given him "a couple of months".. which is so hard. Our poppies sound a lot alike...