Monday, September 7, 2009

A Bunch of Cuties

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I have seen some super cute things this weekend on my blog hops. I wanted to share them with you. Look at these La Plates. A sweet blog friend, Jodee, had these on her blog and I was hooked from the get go.

Look who these plates are for~Jack Deen! That made me love them even more. ;) I think the Deal brothers need some of these. Navy and green~so preppy!

Here are some choices for mommy! LOVE them all!

Is this too die for or what? Kellie painted this for me, and I think it is just perfect. She is so talented, and I can't wait to come up with more for her to do.

Jodee has these pumpkins on her site too. I thought they were so darn cute. I feel a crafty afternoon coming up soon. Gotta love polka dot pumpkins!

Another cutie!


mhsands said...


KRZeigler said...

VERY cute plates!!! Where did you find those? Let me know about the whale. I am off tomorrow or can bring it by your house any day this week or to Neal at his office.

KRZeigler said...

Oh....just read my blog's $30. Just let me know when you want me to bring it to you.

Jodee Leader said...

I think we both need the plates for Christmas! They are soooo stinkin' cute!

Kamree and I are going to be making our polkadot pumpkins sometime this week. I will post pictures when they are done!

Also, thank you sooo much for the fabulous wallet that you sent me! Seriously, how did you know that I needed a new one? It's perfect! That was sooo sweet of you!

Hope you have a great week!

mhsands said...

Heidi, forgot to ask you to tell your mom thanks for all her kind remarks on my blog... now I see where you get that kind heart; which means, the Brothers Deal will show that same kind of spirit to those along their paths.