Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Community Helper

Every week, Parker's class has community helpers come and talk to the kindergarten classes. Neil was asked if he would go and talk about being a veterinarian. I really like going with him, and I was so disappointed I didn't get to go with him this morning. He took my camera though and got some good pictures for me. He usually takes Buck with him, so that made us a little sad. Since Buck is in doggy heaven, he took some x-rays of some broken bones and one of a puppy in his mommy's tummy, some instruments and the biggest "shot" he could find. I wish I could have seen the little faces when he showed them that needle. :) Parker is always glad his daddy gets to go and talk to his friends.

Just a little something for the students to enjoy~

Neil explaining an x-ray~

What a well behaved little group!

Parker's sweet little class~


mhsands said...

Let me just say this was the best post!!! I LOVED when Tracy would come visit my class. He was always a big hit with the kiddos. The really enjoyed trying on his bulletproof vest, handcuffs, etc. He has visited Matthew's class on several different grade levels. Thanks for sharing!!! BTW, I stole your Wordless Wednesday idea! Hope that is okay. I have several pics I took today, but I'll have to share them later! LOL!

Brooke said...

How cool! I know Parker loved having his daddy come to his school!

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun day for Parker. Cute pictures!

tara said...

Greg was so excited to see Neil yesterday. He is an animal lover. That's all he could talk about yesterday afternoon! :) He loves the coloring book too. When you get a chance, will you please email the second pic with my little guy in it? Thanks!!

HB Deal said...

Melissa~ You are so darn sweet. THANK YOU! Girl, I done stole that idea from somebody. Glad you like it too. I like the Favorite Foto Friday! :) I am just thankful you read my blog and you use whatever you like. LOL

Tara~ Thank you for your comment too. I am glad Greg enjoyed it. I will be glad to get you a pic.

Jodee and Brooke~ Thanks for your comments and for being my blog friend!! :)

KRZeigler said...

Heidi - This is too cute! I know the kids love it when someone visits the classrooms and I am sure the x-ray machine was way-cool for them!!!
I will be running errands in town this afternoon. I'll run the canvases by your house but I'll call before I come out that way.