Friday, July 24, 2009

Tiger Lily & Dot

We now have 2 new furry friends. Mama took Parker with her this week to get her haircut and Mrs. Wanda convinced them we needed not one kitten but 2. (I didn't even know we were getting any.) This would be fine, but I am highly allergic to cats. Unfortunately, Parker is showing signs too. So, for now Tiger Lily and Dot are at Meme's until they can be outside kittens. The boys are so precious with them. Cooper has picked them up by the tail and dropped them a few times, but we are working on that. They are becoming wise and running when they see those litttle feet coming their way.

They really are cute!

The first thing we had to do is take them to the clinic and let Daddy examine them. Other than some fleas, they were fine. We took care of that little problem.

He has such a sense of of the reasons I fell in love with him. :)

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Missi said...

They are so cute!! Looks like fun! My one who lives on the screened porch is enough for now though!