Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Little Plastic Surgery

Today was a wonderful Wednesday. We went to Splash in the Boro, did some shopping, got some Japanese and went to make arrangements for Parker's party at Scoops. We are SO excited about it. Marsha was booked the weekend before and of his birthday, so we had to do it the Sunday after his birthday. I hate that it is after his birthday, but it will be worth it. She could have done it on a weekday, but that isn't good for Neil. I always have something on the boys' actual birthdays, so we are going to just grill out on the 14th. That will be Parker's first day of school, so that will be nice to have something fun that night for him. Also, since Scoops provides cake and cupcakes, I can get Lacy to do me a cake for Friday night. I just had to figure out a way to have one of her cakes too.

We took the boys to what was probably our last trip to Splash in the Boro this summer. I am having the ugliest mole ever taken off the side of my face tomorrow. I have mixed emotions. I am SCARED and EXCITED at the same time. I have had it since high school, and it grew over the years. I am so conscious of it. Julie told me earlier this summer she had never noticed it. I keep it covered. I have been wanting my hair to grow out, so I could have a pony tail one last time before I hit the BIG 40! I would not be putting my hair back with this thing there. Not that getting this taken off is going to help this face, but at least it won't have the MOLE.

There are so many little things I want done to myself. Neil REALLY wants the BIG job, but I have all I want. LOL I am not interested in the least. I went when we first got out of school and talked to the surgeon about this mole. He could have done it sooner, but I told him about the cruise, so he suggested I wait. I am also going to have some spider veins taken care of. He wanted to do it tomorrow, but I have to be out of the sun for 2 weeks. That ain't happening right now in the midst of summer. That will come later in the fall or winter. I will be happy to get those things gone too.

So around noon tomorow, I will be under the knife. I hope it all goes well. Hope I feel like doing some shopping and Chuck E. Cheese afterwards too.


mhsands said...

I will say a little prayer for u tomorrow!

Julie said...

Heidi, I know everything will be fine. I will be thinking of you and say a prayer!

Brandi said...

Thinking of you today! Hope it went well.

mhsands said...

Like ur new header!