Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Memory Lane

After I put up my post on Paula Deen, mama called and asked if I was ok. I think she knows me too well. She was referring to how fast Cooper has grown and that I was probably upset looking at those pictures. It is amazing how time flies. Just yesterday I had my first baby boy. This made me think of doing a trip down memory lane. So here are some sweet sweet memories.

On October 31, 2005 Parker fell off his bed in the middle of the night and broke his leg. This was all in God's plan because this was His way of bringing my daddy back into my life. On November 2, Parker had to have surgery to be put in a spica cast. We were all in the hospital room when my Daddy walked in. For reasons beyond my control, I had not seen or spoken to him in years. Everyone knew he was coming except for me. You can imagine the emotions that filled that room. From that day forward, we had the most beautiful relationship anyone could ask for. We never looked back and had 2 wonderful years before he left this earth. I miss him every day, but I am so thankful I was given the great opportunity to have those years with him. The last words I spoke to him on the phone a couple of weeks before his death were "I love you". God is so good to me!

Look at this sweet face. He was 2. His shirt was telling a bold face LIE! This has to be one of my favorite pictures. I used it on our Christmas cards that year, and they are still one of my favorites. I still have it on my refrigerator.

This was the same Christmas. My Daddy loved this little boy so much. Parker was crazy about Papa too. This Bob the Builder set was a definite hit.

Parker did some modeling a couple of times for Little Doses. The pictures were in a Statesboro magazine called This, That and the Other.

This happens to be one of my favorite trips to Disney World. Parker got to be in the spotlight with Woody. There was a little parade about to go on, so we decided to get in line to watch. I noticed this girl looking at Parker. The next thing we know, she was asking if Parker would be Woody's partner. Of course he would! :) It was so neat. That is something that will never happen again. They gave him a free pass to another ride too. As you can see, I was pregnant with my 2nd baby boy.

These are just some pictures I took before we went to church.

My little Buzz Lightyear~ Can you tell what he is saying here? TO INFINTY AND BEYOND~

Notice the Buzz he already had beside him. Nothing would do but to get this one too. It looked like Poppi's flag.

The grandkids loved going to the store when Papa was there. He gave them a bag and told them to fill it up. Of course, it was overflowing into their little arms too.

My little slugger's first year of ball

Parker's 3rd birthday~

We had his 4th birthday party at Build A Bear. It was awesome. Cooper will be having a party there too.

Parker turns 5! This party was at Chuck E. Cheese. It was lots of fun too.

Parker's first day of K4. I can honestly say I cried my eyes out. I left him at that school and thought I was going to die! I literally had a migraine right after. I can't believe in a few weeks he will be going to kindergarten. I am not promising that I won't cry again.

This was the day Cooper was born. I cherish this picture.

His little face took forever to clear up. He was still cute as ever to me.

Poppi's hat

This is at Parker's 4th birthday party and Cooper was 4 months old. :) I loved putting him in those little pants with some cute shirts.

I could just eat him. This is one of my favorite outfits. I just loved propping him anywhere and getting a picture of him.

Along with whales, I love some gators. I got this little outfit when I was pregnant. I absolutely love him in his little preppy shoes and outfit.

Halloween 2007~ I love my little UGA football player. My C was pretty cute in his little shirt Sandy painted for him too.

Christmas 2007 ~ Cooper's first Christmas
Cooper's first birthday party was so much fun. I had a blast getting it all together.

Cooper's first Easter

Summer 2008

Christmas 2008

Just having fun being brothers~ They love each other so much!

My baby turns 2! Since his birthday was so close to Easter this year, we had an egg hunt for his party. I think that party was the best yet.

Easter 2009


tgriffin said...

Wow! you have been busy today!! Love everything you have said. Maybe I should take a trip back in time when we got our little precious gifts from God. It looks like it will be an all-nighter for me to do that. Just think, your daddy is looking down on your 2 fine boys with a great big smile on his face. :)

Kylie said...

Oh, Heidi! This was the sweetest post. I did not know that about your relationship with your daddy. God is so good...ALL THE TIME! That is so special; and your boys are blessed that now he can be with them everywhere they go!

Tracy said...

Very have great photos and wonderful memories!

Julie said...

Wonderful post! I love the pictures of your dad with the boys. I know he thought the world of your family! The Lord is good and isn't it wonderful to know that you will be with him again one day and all the troubles here on earth won't exist! You won't believe this BUT I was looking through some old pictures the other day to put in Gabriel's room and came across the Christmas card of Parker with the red shirt! Oh, and Becky has the one of her and "Q-uper" as she calls him on her memory board. She loves some "Q-uper"!

tdeloach said...

Parker looks just like you and Cooper just like his daddy! They are so cute!
Dawson is looking at this post with me remembering going to see Parker in his cast. It does seem like just yesterday!